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5 Tips to Take Best Nap Ever

Before Good Healthy World talks about the 5 tips to take best nap ever, let us first go into the definition of “Nap”.

The basic and literal meaning of “Nap” is to have short and small period of sleep esp. during the day hours. You might feel like you want to take a nap when you are drowsy or tired or feeling a little down. However, whenever you finish taking a nap, you get your energy levels back up to 90% if not all 100%.

5 Tips to Take Best Nap Ever

  • Optimized Sleeping Schedule

Well it is the most basic tip on how to take the best nap ever. Just notice your sleeping schedule of waking up. And then add 8 hours into it. Assuming you wake up at 6 am in the morning, then you should take a nap at 2:00 pm in the afternoon.


Choose the Afternoons for Nap

  • Always Choose the Afternoons

It has been approved and practiced commonly in educated offices and families across the globe. It is sincerely advised to you that if you want to take the best nap ever, take it in afternoon. As per scientific research it has been found out that Mother Nature has built us up in a way that we take one long and short sleep.

  • Think & Plan Ahead

In order to take the best nap ever, we also need to plan ahead. What we mean here is that we should try to take a 2 hour nap if we want to stay awake for next 24 hours. It is medically beneficial for your health. So whenever you are planning to stay awake all night, then taking a power nap of 2 hours would help you stay alert for longer periods of time.

  • Always Time it Right

This is the fourth best tip to take best nap ever. Studies have been carried out extensively on how much napping time is essential and in the end; it all came to a time of 10-20 minutes. Napping more than this time, might cause sleep inertia and create grogginess into your mind and body.


Dark Room

  • Find the Napping Place that Clicks

It is always a good idea to find a dark quiet room to take a nap. It is highly important to note that during the nap time, there should be no noise, no light whatsoever. Just you and you alone. If possible find a place that has the trait of pin-drop silence.

Summary of How to Take Best Nap Ever

So, if you are serious about your health and wellness, then you must consider implementing these 5 simple tips, to take best nap ever, into your daily life. And try to make taking a nap a daily habit. It will increase your efficiency at work and make you more productive mentally and physically.

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