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6 Steps to Beautiful Hair

6 Steps To Beautiful Hair

Have you ever seen those supermodels and celebs on TV for a shampoo commercial? Do you see how sleek, soft and beautiful hair they have? Have you ever wished you could ever get your trivial and thin hair transformed like theirs? Your wish can be granted by following just six easy steps – you can have luscious and beautiful hair too!

Grow Beautiful Hair In Just Six Steps


1. Take Your Shampoo and Conditioner

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Shampoo and Conditioner

Try out a variety of brands, you may observe that the top brands are beneficial for your hair type, or you may discover that even the cheap quality brands satisfy your hair for you. Experiment with the contingency, and try to find the appropriate shampoo and conditioner combination for your hair type.


2. Avoid Scratching

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In the shower, with your shampoo, after applying it into your hair, massage it gently into your scalp with your finger tips. Get it to every side of  your hair, in the back, by your ears, at the root, near your bangs, and anywhere that you can massage with your finger tips. Turn off the water and leave the shampoo in your hair for a while as you clean your body. When you’re done, then you can wash out the shampoo from your hair, but don’t scratch the heck out of your scalp, scratching ruins and tangles your hair. Do the same thing with the conditioner, except you might want to leave it in longer so your hair comes out softer luscious.

3. Use Mousse

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Use Mousse

If you want some volume, use mousse. Mousse protects your hair from harsh Ultra violet rays, changing weather damage, and many other hair difficulties, all while adding amazing volume and shine to your beautiful hair.

4. Brush Your Hair Ordinarily

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Brush Your Hair

Brush your hair at least two or three times each day. It is like brushing teeth, but with a hairbrush or comb. Brushes and combs come in many types and styles, so try a few brushes and combs to see what suits best for your beautiful hair. You should avoid knots and stuffed hair, without hurting or stretching your locks. Stretching may harm your luscious and beautiful hair.

5. Less Use Of Heat

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Less Use Of Heat

Be careful with heat. Using a flat iron or hairdryers too often or on too high setting, can damage your conditioned beautiful hair. Frequent use of heat may give an old, inert and worn out look to your hair. Use these tools on moderate purpose, but avoid overuse.

6. Trim Regularly

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You must get your hair trimmed regularly. No, you don’t need to go over the top and get a bowl haircut, you just need to get your hair trimmed every once in a while. Trimming will take off all the split ends and result in a glossy and healthier look. Consider trimming your beautiful hair as rarely as every 2 weeks, if you see that it is worthwhile for you.

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