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affects of smoking on oral health and how to control it
Adverse Affects of Smoking on Oral Health

Affects of smoking on oral health

Before we talk about Adverse Affects of Smoking on Oral Health, we need to first know few things. As we all know that smoking is harmful for our health, it is important to know about the affects of smoking on oral health. Not only smoking causes lung cancer, liver cancer, respiratory diseases, coronary heart diseases, strokes etc., but it also has many harmful affects on our oral health. That is why it is very important to reduce or quit smoking. Tobacco contains many harmful substances which has hazardous affects on the oral health. The sooner you quit smoking the more beneficial it would be for your overall  health. Now, we showcase you some of the most common affects of smoking on oral health:

Tooth Discoloration: 

Tooth discoloration image

Tooth discoloration












One of the foremost affects of smoking on oral health includes tooth discoloration. Smoking causes yellow stains that tar and nicotine leaves on your mouth. As time passes, this discolouration goes into the tiny cracks in the tooth enamel. So after several years of smoking the teeth the staining becomes permanent.

Bad Breath:

Bad breath image

Bad breath












Another negative affects of smoking on oral health includes bad breath. There is a particular type of oral odour of smokers known as ‘Smoker’s breath’. Cigarettes leave smoke particles on the throat and lungs and the smell of a freshly smoked mouth can stay for hours .The chemicals which remains in the mouth, allows bacteria to be formed in the mouth which leads to secondary causes of bad breath. Tobacco causes chronic  bad breath by drying out of mouth which stops the saliva from flowing and cleansing out your mouth. As saliva cannot move freely it cannot clean out the bacteria inside the mouth. As a result bad breath happens.

Gum Disease:

Gum disease image

Gum disease











One of the most common affects of smoking on oral health includes gum disease(s). Smokers produce more bacterial plaque in mouth and hence their gums are more under attack. They also have lower level of oxygen in their blood which slows healing. The more they smoke the more severe the gums condition. Such gums are also known as the ‘gingiva’ which means they become fibrotic with rolled margins. They also become red and edematous. Quitting smoking cannot reverse previous damage but it can at least slow down the diseases process.

 Oral Cancer:

Oral cancer

Oral cancer













Some of the other most common affects of smoking on oral health includes oral cancer. It is the cancer of the oral cavity. It’s common sites are cheek, gums, lips and tongue. There are many harmful chemicals in tobacco that causes cancer. Therefore smoking should be reduced or better one quits to sustain healthy gums. In short, relationship of smoking and the risk of oral cancer are directly proportional. It’s because the more you smoke the more you are at risk of getting oral cancer.


Cavities image







Another foremost devastating affects of smoking on oral health includes cavities. Smoking increases the risk of dental plaque in your mouth. Dental plaque is a sticky substance containing bacteria on the teeth. As more dental plaque accumulates, it is harder to remove.This eventually leads to dental tartar also known as calculus and tooth decay which then cause cavity (hole) in the tooth. If you smoke, you’re putting your mouth more at risk for cavities much more as compared to those who don’t smoke.

Altered Taste and Smell:

Altered taste and smell image

Altered taste and smell










Perhaps one of the worst adverse affects of smoking on oral health includes altered taste and smell senses. When you smoke regularly, your senses of taste and smell alters due to which you end up adding more salt or spices to your food. It affects the taste buds which reduces your enjoyment of eating food. This results in you eating less and less and eventually you start losing weight. That is why smokers lose weight very quickly which is very unhealthy in case of smoking. Remember, nicotine activates the feeding areas in brain which in return inhibit nerve cells for taste. This effect can be reversed if a person quits smoking.

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