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Cramps While Running

How to Avoid Cramps While Running

Before we talk about “How to Avoid Cramps While Running”, let us consider a scenario. You are running and running & out of nowhere your muscles starts to ache. It might be a cramp or some side stitch, or maybe some stomach cramp. Or it might be the leg muscle clenching. Whatever it might be, it simply means that you have got cramps while you were running.

But don’t you worry. It is a common thing happening to runners. What Good Healthy World will help you here is to minimize these cramps for your smooth running. And will help you to act quickly when they do strike.  So let us get started on “How to Avoid Cramps While Running”.

Why Cramps Occur while Running & Their Fix

It is very important to know first-hand why cramps occur before we discuss on “How to Avoid Cramps While Running”.

Side Cramp or ”Stitch”

As it is evident from the word itself, “Side Cramp” is the most common issue a runner usually face. It occurs on the lower abdominal area. It happens due to the shallow breathing or when one stops breathing from the lower lungs’ deep side. A famous veteran runner, Galloway, has trained well over 200,000 runners alongside walkers. He also runs multiple marathon-training programs worldwide. He states that, ”While running or walking, look for an alarm… the side pain”. He maintains that, this is actually the point where your body starts telling your mind that your breathing is getting improper. This happens due to the blood electrolytes like calcium, sodium & potassium.  So whenever such situation rises, then just try to take deep breaths and resume. This is how you will pass the test of “How to Avoid Cramps While Running”.


Side Cramp

Stomach Cramps

Stomach Cramps are also associated with breathing. And on some other occasions, it is something that you ate or drank before you went out to walk, jog or run. As Usain Bolt once said, “If you have put too much food or even fluid in your stomach, you will never be able to get a large breath”. Even if our levels of your levels of calcium, sodium & potassium are off-kilter that would also impact our running & thus will give us cramps. So even in this scenario, one has to sit & relax for a while with normal breathing and restart running. That’s the right way do away with cramps when you are looking for answers on “How to Avoid Cramps While Running”.


Stomach Cramps

Muscle Cramps

Muscles cramps always happen when you are getting dehydrated. So if you want to completely know “How to Avoid Cramps While Running”, then get grip over this condition. Just take some supplementary fluids & you will get back on your feet in no time.


Muscle Cramps

Ultimate Advice on How to Avoid Cramps While Running

In order to seriously avoid cramps, one must do deep lung breathing. One can do that easily by putting his\her hand on his\her stomach & breathing deeply. Just to clarify, deep breathing looks like your stomach is rising & fall.

But do remember, it affects beginner’s more than the long timers. It is because veteran runners shift [naturally] to lower lung breathing.


Deep lung breathing

In addition to that whenever you decide to run, then just don’t start straight away. Warm up our body & do it gently for first ten minutes. Then you can up the ante as much as you want. Even if you still get hit by cramps, then just avoid shallow breathing & you will then be just fine.

This is all we have for “How to Avoid Cramps While Running”. For other health related workouts, exercises or whatever you like, just visit Good Healthy World’s Health & Fitness section.

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