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oral health problems in pregnancy can be managed

Oral Health Problems in Pregnancy

Oral health problems in pregnancy can cause discomfort to the women. During pregnancy many physiological changes occur as estrogen and progesterone levels are increased that can exaggerate the way gum tissue reacts to plaque which causes oral health problems in ...

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Benefits of Cheese on Teeth banner

Benefits of Cheese on Teeth

As “Cheese” maybe known to gain weight; it also has a marvelous effect on teeth & the benefits of cheese on teeth are numerous. It protects the teeth from tooth erosion or cavities. When we have foods or drinks which ...

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affects of smoking on oral health and how to control it

Affects of smoking on oral health

Before we talk about Adverse Affects of Smoking on Oral Health, we need to first know few things. As we all know that smoking is harmful for our health, it is important to know about the affects of smoking on ...

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common dental problems Image

Common Dental Problems

Oral health care and the most common dental problems go side by side but before Good Healthy World talks about the common dental problems, lets talk about Oral Health. Oral Health is a condition in which the mouth is free from ...

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