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5 Biggest Myths about Cholesterol

Myths About Cholesterol Want to know myths about cholesterol, why it increases and who was the main target!! Have you heard the buzz surrounding Americans’ rising cholesterol numbers, but when it comes to treatment and prevention, can you really believe everything you hear? ...

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breast cancer diagnosis

Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Breast Cancer Diagnosis & Tests Early detection can be a big plus in treating breast cancer. Learn about breast cancer tests and diagnosis. Due for a mammogram? Please make your appointment now. Breast Cancer Diagnosis Breast Cancer Detection The earlier ...

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Advanced Breast Cancer Care Image

Advanced Breast Cancer Care

When Breast Cancer Spreads Good Healthy World brings to you Advanced Breast Cancer Care afer through research. If your cancer spreads beyond your breast and the nearby lymph nodes, it’s called advanced cancer, or metastatic cancer. The most common places ...

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Breast Cancer Gene & Uterine Tumors

Breast Cancer Gene & Uterine Tumors in Women

Breast Cancer Gene & Uterine Tumors in women is getting common day by day. Women with a faulty breast cancer gene might face a greater chance of rare but deadly uterine tumors. This too, despite having their ovaries removed to ...

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Parental Training May Benefit ADHD Kids Under 6 Image

Parental Training May Benefit ADHD Kids Under 6

A report has come out in the market that Parental Training May Benefit ADHD Kids Under 6. It states that training parents for parental training with regards to adhd is about managing children’s problem behaviors. This can improve the conduct ...

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Boys with ADHD may Struggle as Adults

It is a confirmed fact that boys with ADHD may struggle as adults. And Good Healthy World is here to brief you about in detail so that you can take better care of your loved ones. Background on Why Boys ...

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ADHA in Children

ADHD in Childhood May Raise Risk for Obesity in Adulthood

Boys who are diagnosed with attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD in Childhood) are twice as likely to become obese adults as those who didn’t have the disorder when they were young, a new 30-year study shows. Researchers found that men with childhood ...

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Anorexia and How to Control it

“Love Hormone” Help Treat Anorexia?

It has been observed that “Love Hormones” can help treat Anorexia. According to latest studies, it has been found out that there is hormone in our body that is connected with the positive feelings section of our brain. This hormone ...

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