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Chelsea O'Donnell Mental Health Issue & the Fix

Chelsea O’Donnell Mental Health Issue

Before Good Healthy World comment on the “Chelsea O’Donnell Mental Health Issue”, we should get to know who she is and what happened to her.

Background of Chelsea O’Donnell

When Rosie O’Donnell’s 17 years old little daughter went missing, every single news channel went onto look for her. Later when she was found, we discovered that she was struggling with mental health problems & she had stopped taking her medications. That was the main factor why she went missing as she ran away.

Experts Opinion on Mental Health Issues among Teens

It gets extremely hard sometimes to deal with a growing teen struggling with mental health issues. Combining the elements of adolescence and puberty, teens suffer from angst, anxiety, unhappiness, depression, bipolar disorder and many other mental health conditions.

Dr George DuPaul who is a school psychology professor at Lehigh University states that, “You have the usual challenges that are associated with the growing independence of adolescents and the need for independence, but at the same time, a need for structure also raises up. You have that tension that you have under typical conditions … interwoven with symptoms of a mental disorder. It exacerbates both things”

What Happened in the Case of Chelsea O’Donnell Mental Health Issue

There is no doubt that parents want to encourage their children struggling with mental health issues to get the treatment and medication. But they also don’t want them to be pushed away from them if they don’t like it. So it naturally becomes extremely frustrating and hard for parents to continue with treatment and keep a vigilance on them for 24*7.

Same scenario has happened in the case of “Chelsea O’Donnell Mental Health Issue”, as the parents did not wanted her to be pushed away. So they did not forced her to continue her medication. And eventually she ran away from home with mental issues still prevalent inside her head and soul.

What to be Inferred from the Chelsea O’Donnell Mental Health Issue Case

What we can gather from the data and the discussions that we had with the family members and the experts is that we need to be very careful with the idea of seeing our children on streets. This idea makes parents takes strict measures for the safety of their child. A fine line needs to be developed both by the patient and the parents or the entire family for the sake of matter. This fine line would ensure that their children are not too much pushed and at the same time the child struggling with mental health issue would also try to complement their parent’s efforts. Otherwise the “Chelsea O’Donnell Mental Health Issue” would keep popping time and time again.

Recommended Actions to Avoid Chelsea O’Donnell Mental Health Issue Case

In short to make sure that incident like “Chelsea O’Donnell Mental Health Issue” cases don’t happen to us, we must take following actions for our children struggling with mental health issues:

  • Give some control to your children.
  • Listen effectively to their problem(s).
  • Help them realize that as parents we do listen to them or him\her.
  • Make them a part of decision-making process.
  • Show them love, care and respect as these 3 things can cure any disease 🙂

And here we go, that’s the best way to get to know and sort your child mental health problems and mental health issues. And then, no such cases like “Chelsea O’Donnell Mental Health Issue” would ever be happening again.

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