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Facebook Feelings

Facebook Feelings Are Contagious

It has been confirmed that Facebook Feelings Are Contagious as it reflects the inner status of our sub-consciousness. And the viewer of the latest moods can get both +ve and -ve vibe from us through that.

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Feelings Are Contagious

The Facebook Feelings Are Contagious in Research

After the analysing 1 billion anonymous status updated among more than 100 million of Facebook users between 2009 and 2012, research report that Facebook  feelings are contagious in the virtual world.

Online networks can spread emotions just like the real world. Every one happy post you will write, it causes friends in other cities to write an additional one or two happy posts, The study found,” Every negative post spawns about one additional negative post among friends.”

Research have long known that emotions in today’s world are contagious (addiction), For instance, if you have a irritating co-worker, it may you make a little grouchy, too.

Randomly expose some people to a happy person and some to a sad person, and we can see the emotions spread.



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Facebook News Feed

A negative word used in a entertaining or laughter way, for instance, may be interpreted as a negative when the writer was just trying to be funny.

One of an expert said that the phenomenon could be put to good use.

At Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, director of the social media lab, their findings add to the growing researchers field in which experts are trying to understand how emotions spread online.

Research, “Twitter users post more positive messages than negative, and that positive tweets are three times more likely to be forwarded than negative tweets.”

The research on Facebook feelings are contagious, does more than help social media users decide which post they may read. It also has the potential to help improve health, especially with the growing volume of health support websites. Those who participate in a happy online health support community might improve their well being.

Tune into Good Healthy World, and get all the latest updates from across the world. Facebook feelings are contagious- just keep an eye on that 🙂

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