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Myths & Facts

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Time to separate Health myths & facts

It is always a good thing to have a habit where you can find the difference between myths & facts. It applies even more so when it comes to Health. Because if you are eating something and don’t know much about it, it can turn out to be very dangerous for your health. This is what we call a fact. Now myth is something that somebody tells you not do this or not try eating that; but reality is it is very beneficial for your health. So you end up not eating or doing it and in the end you lose just because you did not do enough research over it.  That’s where Good Healthy World’s Myths & Facts section comes into play. So browse through them and feel the difference.

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How Onions Improve Your Hair Growth

Good Healthy World reveals “How Onions Improve Your Hair Growth” in the most simplest manner. Now, you do not need to worry about you hair loss problems as we have all the information you need on how to take care of your ...

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5 Biggest Myths about Cholesterol

Myths About Cholesterol Want to know myths about cholesterol, why it increases and who was the main target!! Have you heard the buzz surrounding Americans’ rising cholesterol numbers, but when it comes to treatment and prevention, can you really believe everything you hear? ...

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Surprising Facts About Guinness

Before we discuss facts about Guinness, we should visualize something. Whenever we think of St. Paddys Day, we think of Ireland, 5 leaf-clovers and high contrasting green color. Along with that, lots and lots of “Beer“. Guinness is perhaps the most ...

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