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Only You Can Decide if You Want to be Happy

Happiness is by Choice & Choice Only

There never goes a day by when we aren’t happy- even if it’s for a second. But if it’s for a second then what’s the point in being happy? Seems like a waste of pretty good one second. So many people would wonder how to be happy or stay happy for longer periods of time. Everyone seems to be trying to get happy. But not many would realize that staying happy or keeping happy has got nothing to do with tries of luck, but by choice of your very own. Yes. To put it simply, we would simply state that, “Happiness is by Choice & Choice only.

Science has proven that Happiness is by Choice & Choice only & we will tell you how. According to a recent research conducted at the Massachusetts Academy for Psychology, a group of 500 individuals was selected for the test of Happiness is by Choice & Choice only or not? Most of the members of the group were struggling to stay happy. Then they were told to focus on the positive sides of their lives and tell if they would feel the difference within themselves. 85% of the individuals felt that they are able to recall good things in life. And now feels less grunted about how life has treated them.

After the initial study, these people were contacted again with a gap of 12 months & 73% came back that instead of feeling sad or depress, they feel that life has got more to offer to them. They also stated that they have avoided the company of individuals who bring negative energy into their life. Also, they learnt that one has to focus on good instead of bad.

This proved that a man is in control of his life for most of the time. And when he is not in control, his negative side takes over. Sometimes, negative energy from others also adversely impacts the individual. To curb that, a man has to realize that happiness is not bounded by faith or luck or someone or whatsoever; but the man himself. So, in the end if we say that happiness is by Choice & Choice only, then it really is. If you have any opinion on this matter, then don’t hesitate to share it with Good Healthy World.


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