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Now, you can catch all the latest news & views on ‘Health’. From research on cancer & polio to great UN resolutions passed for improved healthcare facilities worldwide. It does not matter whether you live in Pakistan or in USA, you’ll get all complete news & views on latest hot & happenings in Health sector. Good Healthy World is keeping you & your health updated with its huge database of Health related materials.  And also doing the same for your other family members who visits Good Healthy World. So just tune into Good Healthy World.And get all the latest updates from across the world. All these news & views tend to keep you more happy than ever before because it helps you get more healthier.

Why Smiling is Important & Why to Keep it Always

Why Smiling is Important

Before we talk about why smiling is important, let’s talk about some of our happy behavior. The only thing that happens without much thoughts is “smiling”. Whenever you watch your friend doing something silly, you smile. Whenever a girl sees ...

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Angelina Jolie did not knew she would have kids Image

Angelina Jolie did not knew she would have kids

Angelina Jolie did not knew she would have kids. The 38 year old actress has six kids now. Starting with Maddox who is 12 now. Then comes Pax who is 10 years old. Then they have  Zahara and she is 9 years old. ...

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Skincare Issues in Women in 40's

10 Skincare Essentials for Women in Their 40’s

Before we value Skincare, we go through something like this Drama. It happened practically overnight. That tiny crinkle at the corner of your eyes, which only appeared whenever you found something hilarious, has formed into a taunting wrinkle that won’t ...

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Angelina Jolie Will Have More Cancer Prevention Surgery Image

Angelina Jolie will have more Cancer Prevention Surgery

It is now official that Angelina Jolie will have more Cancer Prevention Surgery. Angelina Jolie made headlines last May when she revealed that she had a preventative double mastectomy. This is because she carries a genetic mutation. This mutation puts ...

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facebook feelings are contagious banner

Facebook Feelings Are Contagious

It has been confirmed that Facebook Feelings Are Contagious as it reflects the inner status of our sub-consciousness. And the viewer of the latest moods can get both +ve and -ve vibe from us through that. The Facebook Feelings Are Contagious in ...

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Anorexia and How to Control it

“Love Hormone” Help Treat Anorexia?

It has been observed that “Love Hormones” can help treat Anorexia. According to latest studies, it has been found out that there is hormone in our body that is connected with the positive feelings section of our brain. This hormone ...

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