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Happy Spiritual Family

In this new era, family closeness has been threatened by a competitive culture and best technological change. Most of the families are suffering from issues like separation, turmoil, selfishness and domestic violence. Our Traditional education within the family and neighbourhood structure has been overtaken by television programmes. If we need a happy spiritual family, many things needed to be avoided. Also some changes in our lifestyle will be a must as well. Afterall, path to having a happy spiritual family starts from within one ownself.

Television can play a supporting role in children’s lifestyle. We are using the television as a teacher which has resulted in child learning negative values. This also include the presentation of a wrong idea of what equates to happiness and fulfilment. When the complete family is swayed by the negative ideology of pursuing outer happiness at the expense of inside contemplation, everybody feels unhappiness. Thus with Good Healthy world, you will learn how to shape a  happy spiritually family.

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Create a Family Identity

First of all you create your household identity means, (the people living together in one house collectively) for a Happy Spiritual Family. Start by discovering your house collective motto which every individual in the family has contributed to. This should be regardless if it relates of words, concepts, or reflections. What can be your loved ones motto? Make a household eyesight statement. You should go discuss your goals as well as dreams with your family. Do some jotting and write down what your loved ones actually likes to do and carry-out in their day to day activities. This is the cornerstone for leading a happy spiritual family.

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Teamwork In Family

Secondly, Every individual in the family ought to know that he\she has a stake in making a Happy and Healthy family. And this way ultimately leads to the destination of  happy spiritual family. Hence, one must give guidelines to their loved ones for to able to function as one unit.

Get started now by doing straightforward home chores and function. Go on the road on holidays with holidays plan and learn what the other members in your family loves doing.




Nurture, the act or process of promoting the development, of your family’s  positive features. First of all take a step to guide your family to become resilient which is one of the most positive values. The mostly important values you want for a Happy Spiritual Family includes love, care, respect, wisdom, discipline in your self, peace and happiness

  • Discuss with your family that the love that you show means that you are loyal to yourself, your family, and to the whole world. Encourage and support your family to live for the happiness of the beings and, developed their own happiness and joy along the way.
  • Teach them that it is good to live happily and healthy in their life. They have to think positively. Every once in a while they must read spiritual books as well. To groom them for the present and future life. Make them able to relax and keep themselves calm by teaching them humbleness. Being a parent, it is difficult to educate them to visit each other, other families and relatives as we do not seem to have the time anylong. But we must realize that as they grow, a continuous battle starts in their minds between good & bad, short-term goals and long term goals and much more. So being the leader, it’s your role to guide them & fine tune them in a way they realise that it is always be good to have a happy spiritual family.
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Development Of A Child

Make environment for inner peace of your house and nurture it. Inner peace is very important for every single family. For this, you must protect your children from sensory (in particular, protecting them from too much television or another activity that makes them lethargic) for a happy spiritual family.

  • Daily One hour of quality TV a day is suitable for your children. While it would be even better completely abolish TV. Do know that some families have the courage to go to this extent. If you can’t do that then guide your children to be watch TV critically. For a young boy or girl you might just ask simple tricky questions during the program.
  • Encourage your children to implement their own sense of self-discipline in their life style. A long term base positive and fulfilling life is only possible when we grow up into adults with a sense of self-discipline, and the you are able sooner to provide the means for this in their lives, the Good, Better and The Best.
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Environment For Inner Peace

Anchor (a source of stability ) all thoughts in the positive way for a Happy Spiritual Family . Encourage all your family members to learn to pay some attention to their thoughts. Having regular honest discussions is the best way. Positive activities & rituals like eating together, telling stories, spiritual books reading, singing songs, prayers, and practicing meditation like all that, goes a long way in strengthening the bonds of a happy spiritual family.

  • Spend more and more time together with your family in your leisure time and ask them to do the same. Make this habitual.
  • Helping people around yourself and around the family,  must be in your lifestyle. This helps connects your family and family members within their ownself and conscience. This leads to explaining your beliefs. And also being honest about the shortcomings of many modern day promises of happiness. This is the best way moving forward for a healthy spiritual family.


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Discussions Is The Best Way

Work on a spiritual role model. Also, consistently focusing on your, your spouse and your children positive actions and efforts as a means to building their inside confidence. It’s important to provide your family with a spiritual role model. It could be anybody and anyone. This is because, a a spiritual role model provides you with a sense of support to draw on when seeking to lead a positive life style. Most of the people need inspiration of a positive role model to walk the long path of inner happiness of soul for a Happy Spiritual Family. And your family would be no different.


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Believe In Your Self


Happy Spiritual Family. All Good Healthy World wants is to keep you active on your toes from your young age to ever lasting glowing memories of the past. With you having a cup of tea or coffee in the middle of your garden with your family. Smiling happily and caring and sharing.



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