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Learn Everything About Dandruff


Dandruff is actually a hair condition of the scalp. In dandruff, one starts to have flakes of skin on his\her scalp. This results in itching. But its more embarrassing part is of losing confidence in one’s own personality. This condition looks simple, but believe us, it is one of the hardest to cure. Its scientific definition states that, “Dandruff is a scalp condition in which skin cells in the scalp are generated more quickly by the body. But the death of the old skin cells is much slower. Thus new skin cells pushes the old cells (dead and un-dead cells) out of the body more quickly. This results in flakes of skin on the scalp more visible.”

What are the Symptoms of Dandruff?

People tend to ask straight away; after what is dandruff; that how to treat it? Well, it is not necessary that you have dandruff. Just to ensure that, it is important that you should know more about it. Therefore, we must first know if we are indeed suffering from dandruff. We can find that for sure here with the following symptoms of this condition:

  • Excessive flakes of skin on the scalp as well as in hair.
  • Flakes are more oily than usual.
  • Too much itching and stress on the head.
  • Tingly feelings start to develop.
  • Skin gets reddish and greasy where there is extreme dandruff.
  • Development of the rashes on the scalp.

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