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Poliomyelitis (polio) is one of the world’s most highly infectious viral disease if not the most viral. It mainly targets children in comparison to adults. Poliomyelitis (polio), can easily be transmitted. Its transmission ways include person-to-person which can be spread mainly through the faecal-oral route. Another transmission way is contaminated water and food. After getting affected, Poliomyelitis (polio) virus basically multiplies in the intestine. From here on, it can easily invade the nervous system of affected individual and then can cause paralysis.

Poliomyelitis (polio) starting symptoms include pain in the limbs, neck stiffness, throwing and vomiting consistently, headache, fatigue and fever. When Poliomyelitis (polio) gets active inside one’s body, it can also cause permanent paralysis. And this is exactly why it is important to get newborns immediately vaccinated with polio vaccines. As there is no other way to cure it. Only immunization and that’s all.

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