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Major Health Issues in Pakistan

Health Issues in Pakistan

There are multiple health issues in Pakistan despite being an atomic power. Pakistan is a developing country that is struggling to control & improve the health status. Pakistan healthcare sector is as worst as her economy. Today, we will look at what factors are associated with health issues in Pakistan and

Factors of Health Issues in Pakistan

These health issues in Pakistan can be attributed to the access of multiple factors. These factors are as followed:

  • No Access to Basic Health Care Services
  • Poverty
  • Illiteracy
  • Poor State of Medical Services

This and much more are the factors that drastically reduce the impact of healthcare sector effectiveness in the society. Pakistan is facing cute water shortage supply due to which people don’t take baths and get rid of germs very often. Due to limited water access, people avoid using water even to wash their hands. Women give births to children but at home either to avoid high costs of hospital bills or due to no access to this facility in their area. In fact, most of the health issues in Pakistan occur in the rural areas.

Statistics about Health Issues in Pakistan

However, strikingly, the main causes are still the same, no water or contaminated water and lack of general health facilities. According to the data gathered by Pakistan Health Ministry, it is found out that there are only 12,804 healthcare facilities in Pakistan with 127,859 doctors. This is highly unacceptable for a country with population of 22 Million residents. One can understand the complexity of this situation with the fact that there are 85 physicians on 0.1 million residents. In addition to that there are only 65000 nurses in Pakistan. So, it is no rocket sciences, that health issues in Pakistan are increasing at a far quicker pace than any other country in the world.

How to Reduce Health Issues in Pakistan

WHO has asked Pakistan to invest more in the Healthcare sector in Pakistan to reduce health issues in Pakistan. However, Pakistan has yet to achieve any significant results. Only 25% of the total expenditure in this domain was shared by Government and rest of the 75% was from the pocket of the resident him\herself.  Pakistan needs to take following remedial and self-initiative measures in order to improve the aggravating health situation in Pakistan:

  • Reduction in Poverty by giving employment opportunities
  • Reduction in Child Mortality Rates by making healthcare facilities in Pakistan accessible to Pakistanis
  • High Fund Allocations for fight against AIDS\HIV, Hepatitis A-B-C, Malaria, TB, Dengue etc.
  • Improvement in Health Awareness by giving literacy to Pakistanis. Esp. Female Pakistanis
  • Improvement in Pure and Clean Drinking Water Supplies
  • Successful deliveries by Women by giving nurses good quality training to them
  • More Medical & Dental Colleges and Universities to give more doctors, surgeons, physicians & thousands more to serve Pakistani people.

Summary of Health Issues in Pakistan

These are some of the most basic yet most important health issues in Pakistan. What we shared here, is just the way that a developing country like Pakistan should operate like. Getting control over these elements can increase the effectiveness of Health Care sector in Pakistan by at least 20% . This is as per WHO remarks.

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