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Healthier Activities Building up Healthier Pakistan

Good Healthy World is seeing the start of “Healthier Activities Building up Healthier Pakistan.” We can say that via the inauguration of “The UN Celebrators.” These company has taken the aim of celebrating important “International Days of UN.”

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Women’s Day

This time round, “The UN Celebrators” are celebrating the “International Women’s Day” for the first time ever in Pakistan. With the advent of this event; following objectives would be achieved by “The UN Celebrators…

  • Bridging the “Gap” between the United Nations & Pakistanis.
  • Promoting a good image of Pakistan by celebrating such occasions of UN.
  • Accepting the values of “The Women in Building Pakistan.”
  • Showcasing how women are taking the central stage in global affair resolutions.
  • Encouraging women to speak up their thoughts on this day and where do they see themselves in future.
  • Statistics would be shown where it would be easily deducible how women are socially active on social media & changing the world.
  • It will also show the meticulous nature of the women and how they keep a very fine eye on things around them.
  • It will also be showcased that some of the leading corporates in the world have womenleading them. Be it in Pakistan, India, USA or UK
  • Brining up ways to demonstrate the importance of women in raising a healthy & happy family in America, UK & other first world countries. Then comparing it with the likes of Pakistan. Thus briefing them how further can a woman develop her house –which will ultimately develop her nation -Pakistan.
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In respect of all these factors, Good Healthy World can safely conclude that “Healthier Activities Building up Healthier Pakistan” is no longer a fool’s paradise. All we have to do is to celebrate any activities like these and “The UN Celebrators” “International Women’s Day.” So come and support this cause. Good Healthy World has decided to write this post on Healthier Activities Building up Healthier Pakistan” because it is also sponsoring this mega event. So do not waste time and register & get your tickets now for this amazing event.

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  1. Is it limited to Pakistan only?

  2. Good inititaive for a country like Pakistan to do such activities.

  3. Welcome to new Pakistan i guess????

  4. Pakistan needs such things… good luck pakistan

  5. very nice initiative indeed.

  6. seems interesting. wonder if people will participate in it???

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