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Healthy Snacks for Every Craving

If you are looking for ways to get healthy snacks for healthy craving, then Good Healthy World has the answer for you. With our following secret recipe, you would realize that eating it, settled your every craving you had in your entire life time. So, we will no more take up your time and serve you the recipe that would make up healthy snacks for every craving you ever craved for. So let us start the party our friend.

Satisfying healthy snacks for every craving

Note: Pears are naturally sweet in their season.


And cinnamon


Do you need a little change for boosting a power through your afternoon? Just kidding. Recipe is as followed:

To try healthy snacks for every craving, following directions needs to be taken:

  1. Take a step away from your candy jar. Instead of satisfy those sugary ( full of sugar) cravings, replace that with a warm pear topped with the cinnamon and ricotta.
  2. Five grams of the fiber and eight grams of the protein; our recipe will give you a great pleasure that would excite you up 200%. As this simple pear recipe will fill you up and keep you going for a lengthy period of time.
  3. So, in the meanwhile put a period to your taste buds when you smell it up. As they may tell you otherwise, that there is no risk of a post-snack or sugar crash.
  4. Plus point of it, with these 3 simple ingredients, this quick recipe fix can be made anywhere in your kitchen or a picnic place.
  5. And If you have less time or stuck in the office, you can make that easy by simply sticking your pear in the microwave with topped with the Ricotta-cinnamon mixture.And then you are good to go and Enjoy. 😉 healthy snacks for every craving

Choose from our thousands of recipes proudly and serve delicious meals and desserts and healthy snacks for every craving. Make yourself proud to your family and friends and relatives. But only at Good Healthy World.

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