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Break Up with Respect

How to Break Up Marriage Respectfully

How to break up marriage respectfully is not an easy question to answer. Not for the person breaking up or for the person to whom you have to tell this news. In everyone’s married life, there always come a point where you have to decide if you want to continue to struggle and drag your marriage or just let it go. And let time take control of it. Since, there are no easy answers to this question of “How to Break Up Marriage Respectfully“; Good Healthy World will still try to find a way to help you end your marriage with respect and dignity.

But before we talk about “How to Break Up Marriage Respectfully“,  we must know when relationships end and why they end.

When\Why Relationships End

There is a theory in Economics related to Utility. Here, we will take an example of an apple with the scenario that we are very hungry. Our first bite, will give us 100% satisfaction, but the next one will give us 95% and the next one 80% and this utility keeps on diminishing with each and every bite we take off from apple. Same goes for the relationship that leads up to marriage and life after that precious bonding. Initially, everything looks beautiful, feels beautiful and tastes beautiful. From kissing to loving sex. Each feels like heaven. But like an incompatible mobile and its charger, an incompatible marriage starts to wither down.

Every day spent in the company of each other, feels like a burden. You feel restricted to express yourself anymore. You are always worried about matters getting escalated for both good and bad reasons every single time you speak. This ultimately make you grow apart from each other fairly quickly. If not fixed on time, then an unknown silence takes place between the married couple. And this unknown silence is like a ticking time bomb. Waiting to be explode.

And we all know that when bomb explodes, there is always mess everywhere. So, isn’t it better that to avoid this mess? What if the married couples can go their separate ways happily? This is the sole reason that compelled me, Mehrooz Ahmed, to write onto this matter, To avoid this mess. It might sting a little in the front but in long run, it would be the wise and the right thing to do. Unfortunately & regretfully though. (I am again conveying that we should always try to keep our marriage stronger and only when we are 10000% sure of ending it- then we end it. Otherwise not. You can read about “How to Keep your Marriage Stronger“, if you want to try to improve your married life as couple)

So, if you still want to end this marriage, then we will give you the ways through which you can gracefully and respectfully end this marriage of yours.

Do’s & Don’ts of How to Break Up Marriage Respectfully

The do’s and don’ts of how to break up marriage respectfully are as followed:

Do’s of How to Break Up Marriage Respectfully

  • Be sensible first and decide properly why you want to do it
  • Be sensitive when telling your partner about this decision as he\she may get hurt. Unfortunately, it’s a collateral damage that can’t be avoided.
  • Handle reaction decently and with care and dedications towards other. It is not an easy pill to swallow for either of you after all.
  • You have to be completely honest but ti does not mean you have to be emotionless. Don’t be too brutal to your partner.
  • Say it in private and in person. Not in front of others.

Don’ts of How to Break Up Marriage Respectfully

  • Don’t bring in feelings that would deter you from properly conveying your decision to your partner.
  • Don’t be rushed into things from the past. Take your time before you reply with context to those things.
  • Don’t bad-mouth your spouse and never disrespect. Acknowledge the efforts of your spouse in moving this marriage forward. Be courteous even if your partner is not.

This is a post that has taken a lot from me as an expert on this subject. I really wish, hope and pray nobody seraches for a thing like that. But when one does, he/she would find the right way to do it.

Thank You and Stay Blessed.

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  1. i do not want to sound like a jerk but you have raised some good pointers in terminating marriage successfully.

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