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How To Do Single Arm Burpee

How to do single arm burpee can be a tough challenge sometimes. We at Good Healthy World has decided to give you a small yet brief demonstration on how to do single arm burpee. With our “how to do single arm burpee” video, you can be rest assured that your health would level up. You will have better stamina in no time. Your heart rate will also improve dramatically and with consistent exercise, you will be more healthier and fitter than ever before. So get ready for this small challenge to get yourself in shape. Watch video now. Just click or press “Play.”

Here’s How To Do Single Arm Burpee

In order to do this exercise successfully, you would have to do as shown above. From a squat place your right hand on the floor under the center of your chest, jump (or step) your feet back into a one armed plank, then hop your feet to your hand, stand up, and repeat the move with your left arm.

Trainer tip on How To Do Single Arm Burpee

The best trainer tip that we can give you regarding this exercise is to make sure that you keep your core tight to support you. Otherwise you can land in some trouble. And one last thing. Make sure you make your body warm-up first.

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