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Get the Bitch out of your Head

How to Get Rid of the BITCH in your HEAD

How to get rid of the bitch in your head seems like an interesting topic to write about. That is why Good Healthy World has decided to write about ways that can teach you how to get rid of the bitch in your head. But first thing first. What really is this “Bitch” in our head? For this we will share with you certain questions that would help you understand the “Bitch” in your head concept.

What is “How to Get Rid of the BITCH in your HEAD” concept

This concept can easily be understood by the following questions:

  • The mean girl telling you, “You’ll never be able to lose your weight.”
  • The mean girl telling you, “You’re always making mistakes- no wonder you are always struggling to get appreciation both at home & work.”

9 Ways on “How to Get Rid of the BITCH in your HEAD

Following are the 3 steps that can help you fight that ugly bitch in your head. And after you have beaten her, you’ll find yourself full of +ve energy within yourself as well as others. And ultimately, this will help improve your mental health as well.

How to get rid of the “You Look Fat, Disgusting & Ugly” Bitch

You can kick this bitch out of your head by following these 3 ways:

  • Make Your Health a Top Priority

    • It means that you have to focus your energy on improving your overall health. Start exercising. This bitch would tell you that by exercising and taking time out for improving your health is a selfish act. You are utilising your for self improvement means comprising on time you would otherwise be giving to your family, your social life and your work. So don’t get into that position. Just focus on improving your health by taking some time out for your fitness.
  • Don’t Let Yourself be Be-rated

    • Go right now and have a nice look at yourself. If you find anything that displeases you, then fix it. Like combing your hair, brushing your teeth and applying lip gloss on dry lips. And then give yourself a “Compliment.” The bitch would tell you that don’t praise yourself as you ain’t that pretty. Don’t let it happen. Just smile and relax in retaliation and you will see it running away.
  • Get a Day-Off from your Diet-Plans

    • Yep. You have read it right. If you really want to know “How to Get Rid of the BITCH in your HEAD”, then you must get sometime off from your diet plans. If someone says you can’t have chocolates as they will make you fat- then it is nonsense (unless of course you have a serious allergy or health condition due to it or related to it). Get a day off and go out and enjoy eating the snack that you can’t eat due to your diet limitations. Remember weight-loss programs or the diet-plans that don’t have space for such off-days are unrealistic and unnatural programs.

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