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Improve Your Digestion

How to Improve Your Digestion

Learn “How to Improve Your Digestion” in Few Steps

If you want to know about “How to Improve Your Digestion”, then Good Healthy World will tell you all about it. Good Healthy World will share simple ways for you to know “How to Improve Your Digestion”.

There is hardly any doubt that

But there are also other simpler ways that gets the same job done and with minimum efforts and long lasting results. They are as followed:

Chew your Food 20 Times

We know that this is something that one does not normally do. But if you really want to know “How to Improve Your Digestion”, then you must chew your food at least 20 times. It will break it down into smaller chunks and would give more time to brain to react if that’s enough to digest or not.

Drink Plenty of Water

The best way to know if you are drinking enough water is to check your pee. If it’s not white, then it simply means it’s not right. You need to drink more water so that you don’t get dehydrated. This is important if you want to follow the directions of “How to Improve Your Digestion” path.

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Drinking Water


This is a little unexpected. Not many of us know about Probiotics. Probiotics actually helps in regulating our gut bacteria (both the good & the bad ones). They help in normalization of bowel movements. It’s nature source is Yogurt but supplements can also do as well.

Usage of Fermented Food

It is always a good idea to use at least couple of fermented food products. In fact if they are taken with Probiotics, population of good types of bacteria inside the gut grows ten times better. So it is strongly suggested that if you are serious to know about “How to Improve Your Digestion”, then you must have these products in your refrigerator.

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Pickles Jar

Lemon Water-The Best

The best advice that we can give you regarding your quest of “How to Improve Your Digestion”, is to drink Lemon water or lemon water juice. Drink it as much as you could. This is the oldest Ayurvedic practice. As this helps to regulate your GI tract.

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Lemon Water


Most of us are already using enzymes esp. when cooking BBQ items. However if you experience any issue or discomfort like pain or bloating of stomach, then use these digestive enzymes. Its most common source is Papaya.If you experience any discomfort (bloating, pain, etc.) try adding some digestive enzymes. Papaya enzymes are an easy and inexpensive place to start.

Regular Exercise

Regular exercise readily improves your whole body mechanisms. Thus digestive system is no different. After every meal, try to some light weight exercise(s). It is so because it works as a catalyst for digestion process.

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Regular Exercise

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