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How to improve your Sexual Desire

How to improve your sexual desire? How to build up your sexual drive? How to bring boost in your sex life? There is never any one answer to this question until now. We at Good Healthy World has crack the code for this question. Now, you don’t have to wonder any more about how to improve your sexual desire. Just follow the instructions below and you will be back on your feet or shall we dare say, “You will be back on your back…”

Improve Your Senses

According to the Journal of Sexual Medicine, women and men who tune into TV and get turned on with erotic scenes are people who focus on what they see, what they smell, what they feel and what they want. Such people have high arousal rates alongside sexual satisfaction in their life. Most important tip of how to improve your sexual desire.

Learn to Converse Differently

It is about time that the couple change the tone of their daily conversations with each other. It is always a better idea to float in a text that says, “Remember, we did it in the kitchen”. So your daily conversations should not involve the cable guy, the grocery shop; but also some sexy moments from the past and some planning of it into the near future. Second most important tip of how to improve your sexual desire.

Don’t become a Porn Star (Hypothetically)

This is the third and foremost important tip of how to improve your sexual desire. What happens is that to rekindle the sexual desires, we try to follow the porn star techniques. Nah. Don’t do it unless you are 100% sure that you can match their skills and beauty. Otherwise it can only make you feel odd. Esp. for girls who would want to get a sexy lingerie but end up with baggy lingerie. Remember, you have to wear and act what makes you look attractive. Not the other way around.

Go for Heart-Racing

It does not matter whether you are doing yoga, Pilates, running or jogging. What matters is that you are doing something that involves your heart improvement. The more you can learn to do any of those things frequently and for larger period of times, the more successful you will be in able to arouse yourself sexually for your partner. It happens because these things improve your self-confidence and self-esteem.. As you start to feel more confident doing these things. Esp. for women. The more confident they are, the better they get in bed. And so this is another most important tip of how to improve your sexual desire.

Have a look at your Partner Picture

This is one small random act of love that one must often do on their way back home. Whenever you get time, do have a look at your partner’s face. This would help you recall fond memories of him\her and by the time you reach home, you will be quite happy to hold him\her in your arms and make love to him the way it is supposed to be. With dedication and care.

The last most important tip of how to improve your sexual desire, Go in for a Hug called “Jad0o ki Jhappi”

Jadoo ki Jhappi is an Urdu language word which means hugging someone for more than usual 5 seconds time. The standard time for this hug called Jadoo ki Jhappi is about 20 seconds. And when one does this Jadoo ki Jhappi, couples’ level of bonding hormones, called Oxytocin, increases. And as per research, this triggers our desire to hug even tighter and eventually all this love making starts. Must try my friends. Last but not least, this is another very important tip on how to improve your sexual desire.

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