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How to make an Online Dating Profile


“How to make an online dating profile” is perhaps the most complicated question to answer. Different people have different opinions & answers for the question of “How to make an online dating profile”. However, after extensive research and interviews of more than 1000 people, Good Healthy World has the right answer of you. Actually, it’s a combination of answers.

Before we answer, “How to make an online dating profile”, we will like to give you a stat. One out of three couple has either met online through social media or some other online dating website. It’s true. Hard to believe isn’t it. But, the reality of the matter is we human beings are social animals and we like to engage in social activities and discussions one way or the other. Such curiosity leads us to talk to anonymous people online and that’s how we connect with such people in short span of time. So, with that in mind, hundreds of social dating website came into existence. It is estimated that there are well over 1 million dating profiles website. So, with that in mind, one would understand how to have an outstanding dating profile that would click right away.

So here are out top 15 list of “How to make an online dating profile”.


#1 Get Your Friend’s Advice

In order to know “How to make an online dating profile” you must get an advice from your close friend(s). Remember, they know you better than you. So just dial their number and let them know you are coming to discuss this matter.

#2 Do Not Use Clichés

You know what we mean here. Try to avoid clichés like “drinking wine in front of a lion” or like “walking on the beach”– every single person says that. Try to come up with something extra special to get the conversation started. Remember, if you won’t do that, you will struggle to get the answer for “How to make an online dating profile”.

#3 Showcase Your Sociable Interests

Whenever you are making an online dating profile, try to showcase your social interests and hobbies. Like going to clubs, dine-outs, driving at night etc. This will give others a better idea of where they might stand in your life.


Social Interests

#4 Get Engaging Profile Picture

It has been observed that the persons with action profile pictures gets 70% more messages than others. It means that you must showcase a picture of yours where you are playing a guitar, riding a bike, or going hiking. It will take you a long way in getting yourself ready for “How to make an online dating profile”.

#5 Showcase Positivism

We never want our employers to know what negativity we possess as we think it will hurt our chances of getting a job. So why don’t we should do the same when choosing a partner? So write positive statements about yourself and your life if you are serious about getting to know “How to make an online dating profile”.

#6 Be Brutally Honest

We all have heard and said this proverb, “Honesty is the best policy”. So let us continue with that when writing about ourselves on the dating website. This will take you one step further in completing your work on “How to make an online dating profile”.

#7 Give Full Flavor of Yourself

Try to give specific details about yourself on the dating website if you are serious about getting to know “How to make an online dating profile”. You must try to give the other person a flavor about your personality & your life. For instance, you can talk about what is your favorite place and why.


Profile Picture

#8 Keep an Updated Profile

Try to keep your profile alive with relevant information about yourself. Remember you would never know your one and only comes visits your profile and sees out-of-date info about yourself and then leaves. Imagine how that would feel. So this is the most important thing to know about “How to make an online dating profile”

#9 Avoid Grammatical Mistakes

We sometimes do not give much value when trying to write stuff about ourselves online. Trust us; this can be the biggest turn off for the person visiting your profile. So try to write shorter and concrete sentences about yourself with proof read.

#10 Get a Cheese Pose

Research has proven that a genuine smile can attract 210% more profile visits as compare to some other picture. It’s a small thing to do in this big quest of “How to make an online dating profile”.


Cheese Pose

#11 Use Recent Pictures

Most complains that dating profile owner gets are the recent pictures are actually old pictures. It’s a serious turn off. So it is strongly advice to use your most recent photos for the dating profiles. Esp. Considering you are reading Good Healthy World’s “How to make an online dating profile” post.

#12 Try keeping it Short & Simple

Imagine yourself at a bar. A stranger comes and starts talking to you. You like that stranger. Would you give that stranger your entire life history? Off course not. So why does your profile be like that. It is the smallest part of “How to make an online dating profile” which is often overlooked.

#13 Try to have Fun

Humor is a weapon that can make your stranger you’re loved one in no time. So try to have fun and try to sow your sense of humor. Perhaps, you can showcase it to break the ice. What we mean is that you are having fund reading this “How to make an online dating profile” blog post. So you can say funnily something related to this Good Healthy World website regarding how it helped you transformed from a scared guy to a roaring lion\lioness.

#14 Be the Focus

Choose a picture in which your personality stands out and you are occupying most of the frame.

#15 Loving Summer Photographs

This is the last, but still the important point of this “How to make an online dating profile” post. People love summer pictures. In fact they are crazy about it. So last but not least, try to showcase some of those pictures as well.

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