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Baby Rashes - Not a Problem

How to Remove Baby Rashes in a Day

As parents if we are forced to search for “How to Remove Baby Rashes in a Day,” then things seems very desperate and scary. Almost every parents go through it. But before we discuss “How to Remove Baby Rashes in a Day,” we must acknowledge and accept one thing. Baby rashes happen. Baby rashes are common. If we see baby rashes – we don’t need to panic.

Why Baby Rashes Happen

Now moving on to the subject of “How to Remove Baby Rashes in a Day,” we must first know why they happen in the first place. Baby rashes can occur due to any of the following reasons:

  • Skin Allergies.
  • Issue(s) in Hygiene.
  • Baby Diapers Quality.
  • Formula Milk or Breast Milk Allergy.

We will discuss each and every element of why baby rashes happens in another blog-post. As this blog-post is about how to treat it.

How to Remove Baby Rashes in a Day

Trust us about what we are to write here. Do not go for medications, treatments or suggestions from others. All you have to do is to make up the following mixture and you will have your happy and naughty baby back in few hours.

Mustard Oil mixed in Cold Water

  • Take 250 ml of cold drinking water and pour 6-8 drops of mustard oil into it.
  • Then you mix it up well.
  • Then you take a cotton ball or any soft cloth & apply it on to your baby rashes softly.
  • Do not make circular rounds or rub against the opposite direction of the skin. Go from higher level to lower level.
  • Do not put on diapers. Use a plastic sheet under your baby all the time.
  • You have to repeat this process 5 times for the first day esp. after every pea and stool. Four times the next day. 3 times for the next two days.

Note: Please do not use diapers for first two days of this application. After that, you can use can use a diaper.

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