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You Can Stop Nail Biting

How to Stop Nail Biting Habit

Almost everyone in the world has searched for “How to Stop Nail Biting Habit” once in their life. It is such a common phenomenon that it goes unnoticed by majority of people. It only comes into focus when one keeps bringing it up on to our face regularly. And this exactly why Good Healthy World has decided to discuss the causes of nail biting habit, impact of nail biting habit & how to stop nail biting habit.

Causes of Nail Biting Habit

Some of the common causes of nail biting includes the following:

Impact of Nail Biting Habit

Some of the adverse effects of nail biting habit are as followed:

  • Teeth gets harmed.
  • Gums gets infected.
  • Skin starts bleeding around finger nails.
  • Fingers become sore.
  • Vulnerability to infections and diseases increases.
  • Personality gets taunted and diffident.

How to Stop Nail Biting Habit

We expect that you have seriously searched for the query of “How to Stop Nail Biting Habit.” So we have come up with list of following ways to counter this bad habit:

  • Use some sort of moisturizer on your finger nails that has a bitter taste.
  • Always keep your nails short.
  • It does not matter whether you are a male or female. Get a “Manicure” once a month. This will raise the nails beauty levels in your mind and you would be reluctant to bite them up.
  • Do yoga and meditation whenever you feel you are going to get anxious.
  • Get a rubber band around and put it on your wrist. Snap it whenever you feel the urge for nail biting.
  • You can also try wearing gloves and self-adhesive bandages so that you won’t eat your finger nails.

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  2. no. i still think it is very hard to get rid of this stupid nail biting habit.

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