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Former president Jimmy Carter reveals that his cancer has spread to his brain during a news conference at the Carter Center in Atlanta on Aug. 20

Jimmy Carter to have Brain Cancer Treatment

Mr. Jimmy Carter to have Brain Cancer Treatment“. You read it right. After many years of struggle with brain cancer, finally Mr. Jimmy Carter is going to have treatment for his brain cancer condition.

Good Healthy World has found out that he has four spots of melanoma in his brain. However, in the press conference, when journalists asked him how he is feeling about this, he replied, “I’m perfectly at ease with whatever comes”. He also said that the treatments has already been going on and they would continue for additional few weeks.

Upon further query on why “Jimmy Carter to have Brain Cancer Treatment”, he said that he wants to see a smile on the faces of his family member. He added that for them he is also going to go through radiation & IV infusions of a new type of anti-cancer drug. He says that this new drug would help his body in harnessing the body’s immune system. This would greatly help his body to fight against the brain cancer cells.

Other than this, he shed light on the brain lesions (less than 2 mm each) that were found during his liver tumor operation. And when research was carried on where this originated, it was found out that it wasn’t from liver but from some other part of the body. But this operation was enough to confirm that he is seriously struggling from brain cancer disease.

When people told him that they could not comprehend the idea that “Jimmy Carter to have Brain Cancer Treatment”. He said that what there is not to comprehend. In his opinion it will be a nice adventure. But he was cautious to comment on another fact that some of his family members and relatives have also died of this disease.

One thing to keep in mind in all this discussion is the reality check. What we call the “Hammer for Patient”. It is a term which means that despite all light heartedness surrounding a patient, the reality is quite complex and more often or not, it can be quite dangerous too. In case of this article heading, “Jimmy Carter to have Brain Cancer Treatment”, the hammer is the poor prognosis. This means that a melanoma patient diagnosed with metastases in the liver and brain, is in very bad health condition.

Our Prayers for Jimmy Carter &  this “Jimmy Carter to have Brain Cancer Treatment

Having said all this, we would still like to wish Mr. Jimmy Carter a healthy life and would pray for his health even after reading this revealing post of “Jimmy Carter to have Brain Cancer Treatment”.

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  1. This week, former President Jimmy Carter announced that he is “cancer free” after receiving treatment for metastatic melanoma — a type of skin cancer that often spreads, or metastasizes, to other parts of the body. Mr. Carter’s cancer was discovered in his liver and spread to his brain.

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