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Must Know Things About Your Memory

Before Good Healthy World tells you about the must know things about your memory, Good Healthy World has to give you some bad news. Yes. A little hiccup regarding your memory. After 20 years of your life, a 2% decline happens in your brain-performing capacity. But we also have a good news too. If you take good care of yourself, then researches have suggested that you can recover that loss easily. And through those researches, it has been found out that people who follow the following “Must Know Things About Your Memory“, then their memory functions not only performs better than most; but also last long too.

Top 5 “Must Know Things About Your Memory

The list of top 5 must know things about your memory are as followed:

  • Emotions Affects Your Recalling Ability
    • Have you ever wondered, how a witness gives one statement first time and changes it a bit on the second time. This happens because fear emotion triggers a survival response. This survival response then starts using cognitive resources which ultimately impairs memory encoding. So, to have a healthy brain, it is imperative that you do not let emotions affect your mind. And then you’ll see your mind working seamlessly for decades without any issues.
  • There is No Such Thing as “FlashBulb Memory”
    • Do not try to educate your brain about developing a flashbulb memory. In reality, our brain keeps a log of what it sees in narrative way and not the other way round. So when people ask you for some event from the past, then don’t order your brain to give you a perfect picture. Just go with the narrations you can recall. This would reduce stress on your brain big time and would not let your memory cells get cloaked.
  • Deja Vu is a Reality
    • Some people make other people believe that what they are seeing now is a deja vu. It’s exactly the same from your past events. Don’t go for that and don’t let your brain fall for that too. Always remember that deja vu is a reality but it helps you familiarise you with surroundings. Unlike any horror movie, you don’t have to say that, “I’ve been here before.” Our brain is always searching for familiar patterns. So deja vu feeling is real but not entirely 100% accurate.
  • Your Brain Loves to Nap
    • Always remember a brain feel energized after taking a 45 minute sleep as compared to taking caffeine or watching an intellectual video of how to keep your brain supercharge.
  • Women are Better at Remembering Things
    • Does it really need explaining. Haha. We all know how men struggle to remember dates, events and functions in their life as compared to their opposite gender. It happens so because females have a larger hippocampus as compared to their contemporary men. So rather than worrying about forgetting the dates, just focus on other things in your life, my mates.

By knowing these top 5 must know things about your memory, you can now improve and build upon your memory cells and make them last longer.

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