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Improving Cancer With Good Nutrition

Nutrients To Fight Against Cancer

Few of the easiest things for an individual diagnosed by cancer to address is about their diet. Here you will find 12 foods that can play a vital role in fight against cancer.

Don’t forget that ´good nourishment´ is a critical weapon in the fight against cancer and any illness. Better nutrition can be vital in increasing your personal chances of survival.

Also remember that natural combinations are likely to do you a lot more better than synthetic pills. So here are a few inclusions to your cancer diet, as a part of your own integrated fight against cancer.

12 Nutrients To Defeat Cancer

1. Oily Fish

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Oily Fish

Oily fish can provide long chain protection and powerful anti-inflammation in the body. It will minimize COX-2. Omega-3 has been shown to re-enlarge enzymes, which decrease when you have cancer. Putting the DNA structure at risk and reducing longevity. Oily fish also contains vitamin-A, which is an important vitamin in the fight against cancer (herring, mackerel and salmon are top of the list). Fish oils have been associated to reduce levels of prostate along with breast and colon cancer. Research has shown they may help prevent chronic disease when having chemotherapy. You can also get vitamin-D from oily fish.

2. Carrot To Fight Against Cancer

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Fruits like apricots, peppers and pumpkins  provide cancer beta-carotene, it converts to vitamin A. One cup of carrot juice, two sweet potatoes, sixteen dried apricots and four cups of red cherries. Don´t eat these at once. A great juice to make yourself  fight against cancer involves carrots, apples and beetroot.

3. Red and Yellow Pepper

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Red And Yellow Pepper

Red and yellow peppers are the top source of vitamin C, even better than oranges. Vitamin C will strengthen your immune cells and neutralize toxins. A large red pepper may be 250  milligram. 200 grams raw broccoli 175 milligrams. 150 grams papaya 90 milligrams. An orange 65 milligrams. Berries and cherries are great origins. Red and yellow peppers are also good origins to fight against cancer.

4. Seeds Of Sunflower And Pumpkin

Seeds of sunflower are high in zinc and contain vitamin E. Zinc helps in providing vitamin C. It maybe important to a healthy prostate. You just need 15 to 25 milligrams each day. Five tablespoons of sunflower seeds will give you 10 milligrams. Others are oysters, 3 are fine. Milk will block zinc absorption. Sunflower seeds will provide a little quantity selenium.

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Sunflower And Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are the ultimate cancer buster. Which inhibit cancer cells growth and protect  immune cells from free radicals. Vitamin E boosts immune system´s fight against cancer abilities. The point is 300-600 milligrams is more difficult to achieve without using supplements. Green vegetables, sauces and almonds are also good origins.

5.Brazilian Nuts

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Brazilian Nuts

Six cracked Brazilian nuts will give you your daily selenium. 100 to 200 milligrams should be the target. Selenium is a very powerful anti-cancer agent. Eight pieces of wholemeal bread, an egg or a large piece of chicken breast would also be enough.
Tuna, onions, broccoli and tomatoes also contain selenium.

6. Mushrooms

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There is an enormous body of research which proves now that shows how medicated  mushrooms help boost the immune system and fight against cancer. Even the button mushrooms have cancer fighting ability.

7. Tomato

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At least seven to ten tomatoes per week, especially cooked.
According to the Harvard analysis 7-10 a week will help reduce prostate symptoms by 40%. It will have an influence on many cancers. e.g: lung, colon, cervix and breast.

8. Egg Yolk

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Egg Yolk

Egg yolk along with green leafy vegetables, avocado,carrots, beans, apricots and pumpkins. Egg yolk will give you polyclinic acid.
It will help your DNA to reproduce properly. And will protect it during radiotherapy.

9. Broccoli

Broccoli and other green vegetables like kale, cabbage, Brussels sprout contain fiber which helps reduce toxins.
Moreover, the fiber is rich in glucose. It helps secure to damaging agents in the intestine.

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Well, broccoli and especially sprouting broccoli seeds help the liver detoxify. And reduce stomach cancer tumor and fight against cancer.

10. Garlic

Garlic is truly a wonderful food. It seems to act like it stops the spread of cancer in a number of ways. By stopping blood supply forming for tumors.

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Garlic contains number of active ingredients. It contains selenium and sulfur based active agents that attack cancer cells.

11. Beetroot

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Beetroot, cherries, aubergines and red grapes are indeed any purple colored fruits and vegetables. Beetroot contain enzymes which have been shown to kill cancer cells.

12. Pulses

Pulses like Lentils, chickpeas, beans and even so ya etc are a great source of fiber and protein without animal fat.

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Pulses also contain enzymes which help fight against cancer. The cells of your body have receptor sites. When one form of  human receptor binds to them, the result is havoc inside the cells. Pulses also provide fibers like polymer. It can help neutralize free radicals in the gut and blood stream. Eat pulses every two days.

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