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Polio Declining in Pakistan

Polio Is Reducing In Pakistan

At last polio is reducing in Pakistan. You have read it right. Pakistan has been in the thick of news related to polio and its spread in international and local media for the last two to three years. But now, it has been confirmed that polio is reducing in Pakistan. This means that the fight against polio in Pakistan is going in the right direction after quite sometime.

Pakistan has witnessed the 70% decline in polio cases this year alone. This means that from 78 cases in 2014; this year Pakistan saw 32 cases. This has happened due to the efforts of the parents who were made more aware about its disadvantages. Also, media highlighted this issue very often over their channels. And last but not least, the people were more educated about it and hence took the decision to get their children vaccinated for polio. This is why one can see that polio is reducing in Pakistan.

As per National EOC coordinator, Dr. Rana Muhammad Safdar; the program has re-shaped its strategies and focus has shifted to run quality campaigns more than the quantity campaigns to help spread awareness about polio in Pakistan. He said that due to this renewed focus, the number of inaccessible children has declined from 0.6 million to 0.05 million. And the range of this program has gone up to 99% in comparison to the last year of 94%.

Good Healthy World has also found out that IMB (International Monitoring Board) has also praised the efforts of Government of Pakistan in order to eradicate polio from Pakistan. They accepted the fact that polio is reducing in Pakistan and also talked about the efforts that they have seen from people across the country to help spread awareness about polio. Such efforts have made a positive image of Pakistan in international scenario. IMB also declared that the samples they have collected from reservoirs of Karachi as well as Qilla Abdullah, all results came in -ve. So all in all, this is a very favorable year for Pakistan in her fight against polio.

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