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Prevent Diabetes

Prevent Diabetes Naturally

Diabetes Back Ground

Diabetes test

Diabetes Test

Before we talk about how to prevent diabetes naturally, let us first step into its background.In old days, people used to think that diabetes is some sort of infectious disease. This disease can be transferred from one person to another. even back then, the public health officials worldwide used to say that it is a very dangerous disease. People should avoid making contact with such persons. However, this scenario has now changed completely. It is because, now, more thought process & researched has been done over this disease over the past few decades. And reason is it is growing rapidly among adults, teenagers & children.

To define this disease easily, let us say that Diabetes is actually a chronic disease where the pancreas is unable to produce enough insulin or in other case, when the body itself cannot effectively & efficiently use the insulin it produces.

Now having talked about diabetes, let us also discuss what is Insulin. Insulin is nothing but a hormone that regulates & monitors our blood sugar. Raised or High blood sugar, or Hyperglycemia, is actually the most common effect of uncontrolled diabetes. and if not controlled properly, it leads to serious damage to many of the body’s systems. And of those body’s systems, our nerves & blood vessels gets affected the most. So now you know even further why its important to understand diabetes before we discuss about how to prevent diabetes naturally.

Diabetes Impact on Our World

347 million people worldwide have diabetes. Only in 2012, this makes it even more important to know about diabetes & how to prevent diabetes naturally. Even if we just talk about America, it is also struggling with diabetic patients. In fact, there are well over 24 million diabetic patients & if this trend continues on, there would be 48 million people suffering from it. So one can just imagine, if such a well developed country is suffering from this disease, then only God can help those countries with less funds & resources. That is why it is extremely important that we all fight against it. Be it India, Pakistan, Middle East or even China, we should all try to find a way to control this disease naturally so that it does not outgrow us.

Impact on World

Impact on World

Consequences of Diabetes

Before we move onto the ways to prevent diabetes naturally, let us talk the adverse affects of diabetes. Blindness & kidney failure are the leading consequences of having diabetes. Other than this, diabetes can also be labelled as a disease that impacts our nervous system alongside diabetes-related circulation problems(often leading to the loss of foot or a leg). And most startlingly, it causes the risk of heart disease & related problems. In fact one can get an idea about its severity that by the end of 2030, it will be the 7th leading cause of the deaths worldwide. so it makes it even more important for us to know about diabetes & how to prevent diabetes naturally.



Good News about How to Prevent Diabetes Naturally

Despite all this darkness, there still is some hope. And that hope is actually a good news. Good news is that the type 2 diabetes is largely preventable or somewhat stoppable. Almost in 9 cases out of 10, diabetes could be avoided by taking following simple measures:

Weight Control
More Exercise
Healthy Diet
No Smoking
Abstain from Alcohol

Yes. It’s true that by regulating & managing these 5 elements, one can prevent diabetes naturally or in worst cases, manage it successfully for the affected diabetic individual. If you want to know more about the Diabetes & its types, then visit Good Healthy World’s Diabetes section.

Walk to cure Diabetes

Walk to cure Diabetes

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