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Strange Health Tips Which Works Wonders

Strange But Effective Health Tips

Have you ever searched for something like “Strange But Effective Health Tips?”, ” Weird Health Tips” etc.? Probably not. But Good Healthy World assures you that sometimes queries such as this “Strange But Effective Health Tips” can change your health life style completely. And thus helps you get more healthy and fit.

Top 10 Strange But Effective Health Tips

So without wasting any further time, Good Healthy World gives you the “Top 10 Strange But Effective Health Tips” which are as followed:

  • Want a Better Nap? Drink Coffee

This might sound scratchy. But it is true. A latest Japanese research has confirmed that people who take 200mg of caffeine (around 1-2 cups of coffee) and then take 20 minutes nap; performs better when they wake up.

Coffee Makes You More Alert Banner

Coffee Makes You More Alert

It happens so because when the nap is about to end, the caffeine kicks in. This clears the brain of a molecule called “Adenosine”which ultimately enhances alertness. Allen Towfigh, MD, medical director of New York Neurology & Sleep Medicine, states that, “Adenosine is nothing but a by product of wakefulness and its related activity. As adenosine level increases, we start to get more and more fatigued. Napping counteracts it and caffeine amplifies its effect.” Thus it occupies #1 position in strange but effective health tips.

  • Want Healthy Teeth? Don’t Brush after Every Meal

Find it hard to believe. Well. So did we. It is especially recommended for acidic meals as well as some drinks like sports juice, citrus fruits juice etc.

Brushing Your Teeth- But Not After Meals Banner

Brush Teeth-But Not After Meal

It is said so because meals acts as softening tooth enamel agents just like a wet sandstone. Howard R. Gamble, immediate past president of the Academy of General Dentistry states, “Brushing up your teeth after taking a meal of acidic juice(s), speeds up the power of acid. This can easily erode the tooth enamel. So it is advised to wait 30-60 minutes at least to brush your teeth.” Thus it occupies #2 position in strange but effective health tips.

  • Want Smaller Size(s)? Then Gain Weight

It is another bizarre yet true health advice. If you are looking for ways to wear small size pants or panties, then it is advisable that you should gain weight.

Gain Weight To Wear Small Pants Banner

Weight Helps in Pulling Up Small Pant(s)

To decode this in simple words, if you pull weights and do crunches, your fat converts into muscles. And muscles takes less space as they are in prime shape as compared to fats which are always turning bulky. This means that the more muscles you have in your body, the less fatty your body will turn out to be. And this will allow you to wear smaller sizes of variety of clothing including pants and panties. Thus it occupies #3 position in strange but effective health tips.

  • Want to Eat Less? Then Eat More

This one is another example of strange but effective health tips. This can be understand with one simple example. If we grab & eat a 100 calorie pack of pretzel or cookie; will our hunger subsidize or will it increase? It’s answer is it will make us more hungry. We can fix it by making a slight change in our plans. We will eat more so that we have to eat less of such things.

Eat more to eat less banner

A Healthy Way to Eat Less

So we have to find an alternate because eating small amounts of carbohydrates spikes our blood sugar level which makes u more hungry to eat more carbs. And this alternate could be apple with peanut butter or a string cheese spread over an apple. They are high in calories and hence they would keep your stomach full for a longer period of time. Due to which you will feel less urge of eating. This will overall help you eat less calories overall. Thus it occupies #4 position in strange but effective health tips.

  • Want to Avoid Feeling More Tired? Skip Energy Drink(s)

We can safely say that this belongs in the category of strange but effective health tips. Energy drinks spikes our blood sugar levels as they have 50gm of sugar in it. It is like 13 teaspoons of sugar. Didn’t knew that, did you?

Don't Use Energy Drinks Even If You Are Tired

Skip It Skipper!!!

This spike in our blood is temporary as it soon crashes back down leaving us more tired and exhausted. And the only way to keep the energy levels up after that is by constantly taking such drinks. Thus it occupies #5 position in strange but effective health tips.

  • Bloated? Then Drink More Water

Again this is a strange health tip from the collection of “strange but effective health tips.” Whenever we get bloated or feel like it, we automatically infer that drinking more water can only worsen our condition. Well, we are happy to disappoint you. This is no longer the case.

Drink More Water In Bloat Image

Drink More Water In Bloat

James Lee, MD, gastroenterologist with St. Joseph Hospital in Orange, Calif, states that, “Water actually mixes with the water soluble fiber. Thus, it makes it into a gel like substance. This in turn affects the motility of the gut. Which in turn decreases the symptom of bloating.” In addition to that, drinking water can also decrease bloating caused due to the dehydration. In simpler words, when dehydrated, the body cells latches onto your body water cells and this makes you puff up. Thus it occupies #6 position in strange but effective health tips.

  • Like Diet Soda? Ditch It

Stop using diet soda. It does have severe implications when it comes to obesity and overweight. Research from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health has showcased that adults suffering from being overweight or obesity , takes more diet soda than others. This translates into taking more calories in comparison to non-diet soda users. This can also be confirmed from the University of Texas study too where they stated that there is 70% more chance of having a bigger waist circumference for diet-soda users.

Ditch Diet Soda Now Image

Ditch Diet Soda Now…

There is a perception among the masses that low-fat/low-sugar/light refers to lower level of calories in the product. It is mostly true. But not always. And in this case, it certainly isn’t. The best way to judge is by its taste. If it says diet but still tastes like regular; then the manufacturers have added something like additional sugar. So be on your toes in this regard. Thus it occupies #7 position in strange but effective health tips.

  • Feeling the Heat? Drink A Hot One

If it is hot outside and you are not sweating at all or very little, then the best way to cool off is to drink something hot.

Drink Hot to Cool Off Image

Drink Hot to Cool Off

Let us take an example of iced tea or hot tea? Which would you prefer in hot summer. Well, studies have shown that taking the latter would make your body warm & eventually you will sweat. After sweating, your body would cool off automatically. It’s logic is very simple. Taking a hot sip sends a signal to your brain to remove extra heat from within your body. This happens in form of sweating. Then, as the sweating finishes, the sweat vapors would automatically evaporate; making your skin cool naturally. Thus it occupies #8 position in strange but effective health tips.

  • Too Tired Now? Go Exercise Now

You heard the boss. You might find it odd but it does have relevance in this strange but effective health tips post.

Exercise the Most- When You Feel Tired the Most Image

Exercise the Most- When You Feel Tired the Most

With each and every exercise you do after getting back home from a tired exhaust full day; it would make you super fit both physically and mentally. It makes you tougher and fitter with each exercising day. So next time, when you come back home from a long day; rather than feeling tired you would feel fresh. Thus it occupies #9 position in strange but effective health tips.

  • Want To Remember Thing? Then Write Only- Don’t Remember

This is indeed a  strange one from the collection of this strange but effective health tips post.

Handwriting Notes Boosts Up Your Brain Power Image

Handwriting Notes Boosts Up Your Brain Power

Research from Indiana University has shown that when you jot down things, then it remains in your memory far longer. When you try to force to remember something, then ultimately it fails. It is because this in then not taken as information. And writing anything down is an act of learning or processing information and thus it makes its own place in the mind of the individual. Thus it occupies #10 position in strange but effective health tips.

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