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Top 10 Newborns Things to Know About

Things to learn about Newborns

Good Healthy World is please to provide you with “Top 10 things to learn about Newborns“. Having a new family member is a blessing from above. That is why, we find it important to brief you on top ten things to learn about newborns that will not only be essential to your day-to-day job with your kid but also sweet and beautiful too.

Top 10 things to learn about Newborns

The list of top ten things to learn about newborns is as followed:

  1. Baby is Well- Somewhat Funny Too

    • It means that the baby might have a small head or maybe sporting a “body-suit”. But in no -time the baby will be like the one you imagined for nine months, soon.
  2. 6 Weeks- Smiles Starts Rolling In

    • Baby will start giving you those beautiful baby smiles for which babies are so famous for. He would also give you coos too. So wait till the sixth week to see your baby smiles.
  3. Umbilical Cord Falls- Average Second Week

    • If you keep umbilical cord dry, it will fall around the second week of the baby birth. Sometimes it will bleed a little. But nothing to worry about as it will be mild bleeding.
  4. Don’t Stress- Handle Soft-spot Lightly

    • Soft-spot, medically known as fontanel, refers to the small opening in the skull of newborn. It’s okay to touch it and comb that area. It is nothing but a place where blood-vessels are a little more obvious which gives it a feeling of a pulse.
  5. Baby Hungry- Baby Tells

    • Baby will always tell you if he\she is hungry or not. An average time is every 2-3 hours. To check if you are feeding the baby well, then make a note of baby losing 5-8% weight of her birth weight in the first week. But will have it recovered by the end of second.
  6. 5-6 Diapers a Day- A Baby is Healthy Always

    • With the exception of first 5 baby days into this world, rest of the days would be quite easier. You will always know if your baby is healthy by the # of diapers you would need per day. From 5-6. With 1-2 stools on average.
  7. Dry Skin- A Baby Norm

    • Baby skin will start to get dry after the first month. The logic behind is quite simple. If you are dip into water for 9 months and then taken out on the surface. What will happen? You will get dry too. So don’t worry about it. In fact acne might appear but would wither away itself.
  8. Baby’s Feet- Best place to Touch

    • Infections can be reduced if baby feet are touched more often than the cheeks and the forehead. Even in parties and gatherings for newborns, follow this trend and recommend it to others too. For the sake a of a infectiou-free baby in the long-run.
  9. Baby Cry- Baby Communicate

    • With their small beautiful cries, babies try to tell us if they are hungry, dirty or want to be held in arms. /so, do not worry about the crying. Just enjoy these beautiful sounds the baby makes. You won’t hear them often you know.
  10. Newborn Excessive Sleeping Habit- But don’t let it Stretched

    • First 3 months would not have a fixed schedule for a baby nap. But don’t let baby snooze for more than 3 hours. When awaken, give feed so that baby hungry stomach gets full.

So these are the top ten things to learn about newborns. Hope you like. For more such article and posts like these “”Top 10 things to learn about Newbornsclick here.

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