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All about ADHD

What is ADHD

What is ADHD is becoming a burning question of late. How ADHD develops? What are the symptoms of ADHD? How ADHD is treated & much more. Good Healthy World for the first time ever in the blogging history has combined all elements associated with ADHD in one post which is titled as “What is ADHD?”

Visualize & Understand these scenarios for Better Understanding of What is ADHD

Scenario # 1 for What is ADHD

Each and every day, little Johnny asks for more and more lunch money. He says that he feels more hungrier than ever. If his parents don’t give him more lunch money; he gets angry and frustrated. Having said that, Johnny gets skinnier and skinnier every passing day. When inquired further, he said that a 5 grade student takes away his lunch money. If he won’t give him his lunch money and more lunch money, he will beat him up.

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Bullying Contributes Towards ADHD

Scenario # 2 for What is ADHD

Janet aged 13 is a pretty decent little girl. She is also somewhat popular in her class esp. in her group. One day she found out that one of the girls in the group has spread rumors about her, Since then, she is spending more time in talking to herself rather than her class mates. Later that girl apologized to Janet. But she still cannot change her habit of talking to herself more than the others.

Girls Spreading Rumors Image

A Girl Spreading Rumor about Janet

NOW: What is ADHD

Now, we can understand what is ADHD. ADHD/ADD is also knows as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or attention deficit disorder .It is simply a mental condition in which one struggles to keep focus for a longer period of time, struggle to keep calm and quiet & is unable to pay more attention to things around him\her. The above two scenarios reflects one of these traits in early childhood. Johnny could not keep attention to his body needs despite getting money and Janet started to talk to herself more than others, cutting herself off from society gradually.

Scientific Logic of What is ADHD

The scientific logic of ADHD is extremely simple. ADHD seems ti be genetic and gets inherited through parents. People struggling with ADHD, have differences within their brain parts that controls their attention as well as activity modules. These differences are called by neurotransmitters. A person with lower amounts of neurotransmitters shows more tendency for ADHD.

Which in simpler terms mean that they struggle to focus at tasks at hands. They also are more impulsive & do things without thinking them first. They prefer to keep themselves in their shell as well.

What are the Symptoms & Signs of ADHD

After understanding the basics of what is ADHD, we will now move on to its symptoms & signs. The symptoms & signs of ADHD are as followed:

  • Struggles to pay attention when talk to or spoken with.
  • Struggles to keep focus at tasks at hand.
  • Struggles to finish home\school\office assignments on time.
  • Don’t complete one task and jumps onto another.
  • Unable to follow through instructions manuals completely.
  • Forget things that needs to be done for e.g., school or office work.
  • Easily distractable\distractible.
  • Keep making silly mistakes.
  • Trouble prioritizing work assignments.
  • Difficulty in waiting his\her turn in long queues.
  • Jumping into discussions of others suddenly & inappropriately.
  • Giving answer without letting other complete his\her question.
  • Fidgeting with feet or hands as cannot sit still.
  • Feeling restless most of the time.
  • Needing to shout out things loudly to make a point.

Now, one has to understand that it is completely normal to fall asleep in a boring class or heed no heads to the words of someone you don’t want to listen to. ADHD is about the extreme reactions in these cases as compared to a normal being. This is exactly where you identify an ADHD person with a non-ADHD one.

In fact ADHD cases has shown that people & children especially struggling with ADHD; interferes so much with a person’s ability to pick up and understand things that doctors and teachers consider it as a learning disorder.

ADHD & Driving Image

Driving Accidents with ADHD

What Problems ADHD Person might Face

The problems faced by ADHD person includes one or all of the following:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Smoking
  • Drugs
  • Getting into Fights often

ADHD Person MUST Visit The Doctor

You must see and meet your doctor if you think you have ADHD. Or your parents. It is of utmost importance to know that ADHD cannot be detected with X-rays, blood tests or any other medical tests. It is more of a mental condition than a physical ailment. Doctors come to infer about ADHD through the patients medical history, family genetic behaviors, interviews and some special evaluations. In addition to these, the patient might have to go through some hearing, vision and learning tests. In some cases, you might be advised to go to an ADHD expert including psychologist, and psychiatrist.

Meet ADHD Expert Image

Visit ADHD Expert Today

After understanding patients’ history, doctor devises a plan for its treatment & containment. Thing to know here is that there is no such cure for ADHD. But with medications and some counselling, one can get control over his\her ADHD condition 80%-85% & in some cases full 100%.

ADHD Treatments

In treatment of ADHD, doctors usually use a approach known as multimodal approach to ADHD treatment. This treatment is actually a combination of therapy, medicine, & some changes in the school learning & teaching methodologies for ADHD student. It depends upon the ADHD patient how he\she responds to it. So the doctors here do everything they possible can to make ADHD patient better & ADHD patient fights with all his\her willpower to have ADHD issue sorted out of him\her. Details of these therapies are as followed:

  • Medicine(s)

    • There are medicines now that helps the patient focus more effectively and efficiently. They do that by facilitating a chemical reaction in the brain that produces neurotransmitters.
  • Family Counselling

    • Family counselling is the best therapy an ADHD patient can have. ADHD patient alongside the family members must attend some family counselling session with family counselors. It helps keep the parents informed where their child is going with ADHD and how they can help him\her.
  • Individual Counselling

    • Individual counselling can also be a good idea for an ADHD patient. It would help him\her better understand the situation and develop new skills to overcome it. Individual counselling in group therapy also seems equally effective where you have the added benefit of learning from other ADHD patients in the group.

What To Do If You or Someone You Know Has ADHD

If you ever come across to know that you have ADHD or someone you know is struggling with ADHD, then don’t panic. Keep relax. It is perfectly OK to develop these tendencies and with proper medication and counselling you can help yourself or others overcome it. And most important of all; don’t be embarrassed about it. In fact talk about it with your family and friends they will help you in your fight against ADHD with all their love & efforts.

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