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What is an Attractive Penis

What is an Attractive Penis

What is an Attractive Penis” is becoming a trending topic as of late. Now more and more Google searches are done in this regard. Nobody can deny that an attractive penis takes one confidence sky-high during love-making. But nobody has dwelled into how to get this attractive penis for himself? Neither a girl nor a boy, neither a man nor a woman can deny that they don’t care for it much.

That is why, Good Healthy World decided to do research on “What is an Attractive Penis”. After thorough investigative surveys and research, Good Healthy World gathered the data. And is now sharing with you this amazing post by the name of “What is an Attractive Penis”. So let’s start with it right now.

We gathered a sample size of 5000 female participants from various states and asked them to rank which factors they considered most in attractive penis.

Rather surprisingly, the answer we got was nothing particular. They stated that they consider overall genital appearance as the prime factor for an attractive penis. This was followed by pubic hair.

Upon further query, we found out that length of penile, scrotum looks and figure and spot of the meatus are the least important qualities.

Here, we would like to quote Norma Ruppen-Greeff, M.Sc. She stated that, “Women perceive a wide variation of penile appearances as normal or good-looking.”

Summarization of “What is an Attractive Penis

Well. As you must have inferred by now that nothing mind-blowing. But here is one thing to note. When you are trying to satisfy your lover in bed, then don’t focus on what you can do or what you can’t do. Just make her feel special. And they would treat your penis (small or big) as the King of All Penises. Why? Because they prefer to have a look at full package and not just one thing.

We know it’s surprising and for some of us shocking too. But this is a reality. There is no special answer to this “What is an Attractive Penis” question. No wonder woman remains a mystery to this universe J

Yeah. One last piece of advice. Don’t forget to trim down below. They like it more this way.

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