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Top 5 Reasons for Cheating

Why Do Couples Cheat

Why do couples cheat is a very sensitive topic. Actually not just sensitive but an extremely delicate one as well. Good Healthy World recently found out that a extra-marital website database was stolen recently. It didn’t end their. That database got posted online. It contained the normal citizens as well as some high profile people ranging from celebrities to pastors and judges. Almost 32 million accounts were leaked. 32 million accounts. In other words, these 32 million accounts also shows that there are 32 million people who are involved in extramarital affairs. Also, as per one research, 25% of men and 20% of women cheat. And this trend is on the rise.

Seeing this trend rising continuously, Good Healthy World decided to write an article that would help its readers to know about why do couples cheat. This can ultimately help them in saving themselves from having extramarital affairs. And ultimately they would be able to save their marriage as well as the feeling of feeling being ashamed in front of their partner.

Top 5 Reasons on “Why Do Couples Cheat”

The top 5 reasons on why do couples cheat are as followed:

  • Lack of Connection & Affection

    • This is the most basic reason that partners get swayed away from each other very quickly. They do not feel that they are getting the utmost attention or dedication from their partner even in sex. This leads them feeling disenchanted towards their partner. And thus, they start to drift away from each other. 2011 research from the Archives of Sexual Behaviour suggests that 72% men and 62% women who cheated were not happy in the relationship because they were incompatible sexually.
  • Wage Gap Matters

    • Second most important reason on why do couples cheat is the wage gap. It adversely affects men more as compared to the women. It is just a natural reaction that the other partner does not want to be felt less valued just because he\she earns less than their partner. To even this stake, they go astray. This sounds childish but it is a way of defence and self-esteem that sometimes makes the couple cheat on each other. The only way to avoid is to communicate. With good communication, couple can handle this situation more maturely and efficiently.
  • Big Birthdays Handling

    • It is a complex reason on why do couples cheat. This can be understood by the fact that people approaching their birthdays ending in 9 are more prone to commit to a extramarital affairs than anyone else. This inference is made from the data made available by a very popular dating website. They said that the users on their website nearing their 9 birthdays are more actively searching for extramarital affairs. But in our common sense, we would like it to be called an anxiety issue and people who cannot channelize their anxiety positively ends up falling for this mischievous extra marital affairs thing. You can handle your anxiety and stress problem by going onto this page: Are You on Stress
  • Boredom

    • This is perhaps one of the most common and easiest reason on why do couples cheat. Sometimes people in a relationship gets bored with each other.To find back excitement, they start looking somewhere else. Instead of rekindling their love & sex life, they end up having affairs with other people around them. You can fix this situation by reading our this post: How to Re-kindle your Sex Life
  • Unsatisfactory Feeling within Yourself

    • Unfortunately, this is a reason that cannot be cured by anyone. This is the last but most ugliest and hardest reason on why do couples cheat. This feeling comes from within yourself and only you are capable of taking a decision on it. This condition happens because you feel down, want to be praised and appreciated by your partner, or just want to feel better about yourself after giving in everything you have in the relationship. To validate these reasons, you unconsciously starts to look outside your bedroom window. This is not the right way to go about it. Rather than searching for answers with somebody else outside your life, you must find these answers from within yourself. And then you will be able to bring back your loved life back on track.

So if you want to give another try to your relationship and want to revoke reasons of why do couples cheat from your life; then you must read this post: How to Build a Healthy Relationship

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